Lake Malibu cover

Two young boys dream of greener pastures in a Western country. A teenage boy falls in love with his best friend’s mother. An elderly lady re-evaluates her relationship with her son who has settled down in Australia.

Lake Malibu and other stories is a collection of interlinked short stories set in Kuala Lumpur and the small Malaysian town of Ipoh. Connected by a theme of escapism, these stories explore themes of cultural identity and migration in a world that is more globalised and fluid than ever.

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Reviews for Lake Malibu and other stories

“In Lake Malibu and other stories, Malaysia bursts into teeming life, sensual and unsentimental, peopled by hungry, slightly lonely souls, some Australia-bound, all longing for soul mates. This collection introduces a quietly powerful voice, one that could enrich Australian writing for years to come.”

– James Button, author and former journalist at The Age

“These stories were born from Su-May’s explorations of the movements and progressions that people make as humans, and the impacts of the choices they make…. It’s soulful, it’s surreal and I think part of the fun of reading it is looking out for the characters who are connected in the other stories.”

– Diana Yeong, Two Book Nerds Talking